Falling Off The Rock

Today is World Day for International Justice, which recognises the emergence of international criminal justice and is celebrated the day the Rome Statute creating the International Criminal Court was established. As a lawyer, I spent a lot of time studying cases that went to this court and so I'm a bit of a geek for such a day. People use the day to host events to promote international justice and focuses on particular issues such as genocide and serious crimes of violence against women.
Speaking of justice today in 1976 African countries boycotted the Olympics only hours before the Opening Ceremony in protest
of New Zealand's agreement to play Rugby with South Africa during apartheid. Today's quote comes from
Kenya's foreign Minister James Osogo who said:
"The government and the people of Kenya hold the view that principles are more precious than medals."

I think that is a beautiful quote, and it really touched me. Today in 2009, Walter Cronkite passed away. The second quote is from him:

"I can't imagine a person becoming a success who doesn't give this game of life everything he's got"

My day of celebration was pretty amazing. I participated in the filming of "Falling Off the Rock Part 3" a film made by Andrew Kirkpatrick about Cliff-Diving in Bermuda. We all set off on a booze cruise for 5 hours exploring different parts of the island and jumping off cliffs, the boat, docks and anything else we could think of. Post-injury I stuck to the safety of jumping off a trampoline that was on the boat, and eating all the goodies on board. Here's last year's film for your viewing pleasure:


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