Daddy Drama

Today's celebration post is an easy one, I'm celebrating my father, Julian Ernest Sinclair Hall. Two years ago today Dad passed away, and not a day goes by that I don't feel a twinge of pain thinking about him. Grief and depression are a strange combination. The accepted theory in the DSM is that grief becomes depression when it goes on past a certain accepted period of time. Well I challenge that. My father's death changed me irrevocably, and I will always grieve for him. However, it was for the duration of a year and a half that my personality changed, and I'm only just beginning to get the "old" me back. I became much less social, less interested in interacting with people, less bubbly and more depressed about life. Many of my friends have remarked I'm beginning to become more like my past self, and I'm not entirely sure if that has to do with my medication or not. Either way, I'm thankful for it. My father lead a very interesting life. If you're inclined read his obituary in the London Times. My sisters and I also wrote articles about him in the Bermuda Sun the week he passed away, and mine can be found here. I will always March Forth because of him. Last year I got a tattoo of his signature on my ribcage to remind me he's always close to my heart and whenever I feel desperate to just breathe. I also credit "The Year of Magical Thinking" with helping me process a lot of my feelings. You can find my review of that book on goodreads.

Tonight I was due to watch "Much Ado About Nothing" for the Shakespeare in the Park night, however it rained out and we were forced to watch it in the Daylesford Theatre, the Bermuda Dramatical Society's place of residence. The play was clearly produced to be performed outdoors, so it lacked the energy it would no doubt have had. The actor playing Benedick was especially good, and for the most part I enjoyed the acting, although there were one or two who fell especially short. My father and I shared a love for drama, he was especially big in to musical theatre and frequently performed at the Daylesford and City Hall here in Bermuda.


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