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Adolescence Revisited

I am geekily excited about today's post because on April 25th in 1939, DC Comics introduced the world to Batman in Detective Comics issue #27. I've had a strange affinity for Batman since I was young, but for him specifically over other superheroes. I always loved that he was an ordinary human, that anyone could really be Batman, all you need is a dark past and a lot of gadgets. I even have TWO Batman t-shirts, a Batman bracelet, Batman undies (all of which I used to rock frequently in my younger days) and very happily (courtesy of the lovely Carolyn) a Luella yellow cardigan with a Bat logo on the breast (it's my more grown-up way of wearing the bat signal loudly and proudly). So, as I had to go to the bank today, I took the opportunity to wear my cardie as I strolled to the High Street of Larchmont Village and it's the first proper chance I've had since moving here. It feels so English in it's set-up and makes me feel quite at home. It also helped that it wa…

Easter Sunday

Ok, so I've been AWOL for awhile. I did, at the beginning, admit that I would probably not be able to commit to this every day. It's part of my fear of a person, a job, a place. As much as I was enjoying blogging, I set myself up for failure by sort of requiring myself to do it every day. But here's attempt number doubt I'll stumble again and feel unable to find a way to celebrate, but it wouldn't be interesting if it wasn't difficult, right?
This week I watched Stephen Fry's documentary "The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive". Stephen Fry has always been someone I deeply admire (as mentioned in this interview from 2008). I didn't even know back when I did that interview about his struggles with manic depression. My favourite film was written and directed by Fry (and features James McAvoy who's birthday was sometime in the week that I disappeared), based on Evelyn Waugh's Vile Bodies: Bright Young Things. So…


I have been deeply neglectful of the Year of Celebration these past few days. I'd like to think it's because I've been too busy celebrating (there has been a bit, but not a lot) but mostly I've just been busy. I'm actually writing this from a break-stop on the way to Coachella - for which I don't yet have a ticket or a place to stay, but I'm trying to allow my laid-back side of me to take precedence over the neurotic, anxiety-ridden side of me. Due to various circumstances I was very late driving down to Coachella today, and Tyler didn't mention that we were driving with a member of Odd Future and he was supposed to make it to the show for 4pm. Yeah, that didn't happen. So we missed them (and Pharrell joined them on stage....daaaamn). So instead I'm just posting their vid.

Rather than update on the last few days of Celebration, I'm just going to imagine you were there with me. Wednesday night ended at 6am Thursday morning, so I was in pain fo…

Cantaloup Island, Watermelon Man

So today was another one of those days...sigh. I don't think I achieved anything of substance until 4pm (and that includes showering), although comfort eating did feature heavily in the day's events. So I'm definitely in need of something celebratory (and calorie-free) today.

Today is Herbie Hancock's birthday, and frankly, that's a huge thing to celebrate. The man is a musical genius and my iTunes is all the better for having him in it. All of his old stuff is amazing, but I also really enjoyed his more recent collaborative album Possibilities. I wasn't a fan of EVERY song, but I did like that he mixed genres with every track, so the album is essentially genre-less. I love Stitched Up feat John Mayer, but I haven't yet been able to bring myself to forgive him for his "supremacist dick" comments from last year. Now whenever I hear him I just think "douchebag". However, I can't let my feelings about John prevent me from sharing this 8-…

Singapore Sling

On this date in 1957 the United Kingdom agreed to Singaporean self-rule. (It later joined Malaysia in 1963, and then became totally independent in 1965). Those who know me well know I'm a proponent of self-determinism for colonies in general, and over half of my mother's Malaysian family live in Singapore (with a few left in Sarawak). Now to celebrate I'd LOVE to hop on a plane to see my family, as I haven't been back to Singapore (apart from an airport layover en route to Bali) since 2002. Specifically I'd love to consume a Singapore Sling in it's place of founding, the delightful Raffles Hotel. However, that's clearly not in this celebrator's budget (time or financing-wise). If I was home in Bermuda, I'd have Mum rustle up some Malaysian food. Instead, I'm on the search for some yummy take-out. I'd like to try Manja in WeHo, but my rehearsal schedule and budget makes that a no-no so I'm saving it for another time. Instead, methinks I&#…

Literary Lovelies

Today in 1847 Joseph Pulitzer was born in Mako, Hungary and is most famously known for establishing the Pulitzer Prize. A pipe dream of mine is to win a Pulitzer for Drama, never mind the fact that I've never finished writing a play AND that I'm not American and therefore ineligible. It's my prerogative to be ridiculous and far-fetched in my dreaming (though I consider it bold and daring) especially as life and society tends to limit us to the here and now in reach.

In keeping with today's literary themes, one of my favourite novels was published today in 1925: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. As I've just finished a book for my book club, the fiction portion of my reading plate is empty so today I'm beginning Tales of the Jazz Age, a collection of eleven short stories by Fitzgerald. I'm so swamped with lines and research right now that I liked the idea of small, short stories I could absorb and enjoy in portions. I've already read The Curious Ca…


So today is one of those down in the dumps for no reason, anxiety-ridden, want-to-hide-under-the-duvet days. Now it could have something to do with over-indulgence on Friday night, so I'm not exactly innocent in all of this. Motivating myself to do something today has been tough, but that was the entire point in the Year of Celebration - to force myself, on days like these , to be positive.

Research-wise I've been very lazy today. Today is Kristen Stewart's birthday, but anything Twilight-related will make me more depressed. It is also Elle Fanning's birthday and I've been wanting to see Sofia Coppola's Somewhere for quite a while so I rented it off of iTunes, though have yet to actually watch it (off-book deadline for Sand in the Air is on Monday so I'm line-reading). Seeing as my sister lives just down the street from Chateau Marmont (where the film is set) I could have completed the day by heading up there for some drinks, but instead my dad's friend…

London Calling

Some days I just miss London. Yes, it can be a pain in the arse: the tubes don't run all night, middle of the night delivery doesn't exist, shops close early, getting a black cab past 11pm is downright impossible, but it's still one of the best cities on earth. April 8th is the birthday of Vivienne Westwood and also the date in 1977 that the Clash released their self-titled album. Both Vivienne and the Clash are pioneers/icons of Punk, and Punk IS London. So today is dedicated to all things English, or as much as I can get here in the City of Angels. If I didn't already have plans, I'd only hang out with my British friends for the night. Instead, I'm just going to eat English food - bangers and mash, Cadbury's chocolate (the type made in the UK, not the disgusting Hershey's factory stuff), maybe some fish n chips.....mmmmm.

Not in with the London theme, but definitely something to take note of: On April 8th, 2002 Suzan-Lori Parks became the first African…

World Health Day

April 7th is World Health Day - and to be healthy I took a CardioBarre class. Which is basically ballet on steroids. And no, I'm not a ballerina. And no, I'm definitely not a ballerina enhanced with steroids. So it kicked my ass. I compensated the rest of the day by eating whatever I wanted. Surely life is all about balance.

On today in 1949 John Oates of Hall & Oates was born. Which makes me SO excited because I get to share the version of "You Make My Dreams Come True" from one of my favourite films 500 Days of Summer (who doesn't love Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

Today's Quote (chosen as I open "7 Deadly Sins" at the Next Stage Theatre, Hollywood tonight):

"There's no damn business like show business - you have to smile to keep from throwing up." - Billie Holiday, b. April 7th 1915

Tartan Day

Today, April 6th, is TARTAN DAY, a celebration of Scottish Heritage on the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Abroath (Scottish Independence) in 1320. As mentioned in yesterday's post I am of Scottish Heritage - my lovely late grandfather Robert Bell Beattie was born and raised in Glasgow. So in celebration I am wearing as much tartan/plaid as possible today. It also helps that my comforter is tartan so I woke up in celebration. Some days this celebratory lark is just easier than others. Yes, this outfit is a little ridiculous (and with a limited wardrobe I'm more plaid/check than tartan, but it's the effort that counts). Sometimes you just gotta be cuckoo.....

Today's Music: In following with the Scottish theme I bring you "I'm a Cuckoo" from Glaswegian band Belle & Sebastian.

Today's Quote comes from Isaac Asimov who died on this date in 1992:

"If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn't brood. I'd t…

Mix It Up

On April 5th in 1614 Pocahontas married John Rolfe, an English colonist. So the easiest thing for me to celebrate today is interracial relationships. Without them my mother wouldn't exist (Scottish-Malay), and then neither would myself or my sisters (Black-White-Yellow-Green-Everything in-between). I also think it's important to celebrate the fact that with time acceptance, both legally and socially, has improved. To really celebrate I should have gone on multiple dates with men from different races staggered throughout the day. However, that would be far too time-consuming and, furthermore, I don't quite have the inclination, nor stamina, for such a feat. Instead I just sort of celebrated me. Which is to say I spent the first half of the day lying in bed learning lines, reading fiction, watching TV and doing my nails. The thing about being depression-prone is that being active often requires an extra bit of effort, so then when I'm not doing things I feel guilty that…

LA Living

Today in 1850 Los Angeles was officially incorporated as a city. Being that it's the city I currently live in, it's a conveniently easy thing to celebrate and I thought I'd do all things LA. However, rehearsal for two plays, an off-book deadline and class this evening interfered with anything too elaborate and as I got my 4th parking ticket since arriving here this morning (very LA), it also ruled out anything too expensive. So I just went for a hike up Runyon Canyon with my sister Nadia for a view over the city. Note to self: If going the steep way up, remember to eat lunch beforehand. The blurry vision and pounding head were not particularly celebratory.

Today's Music: In 1964 on April 4th The Beatles occupied the top FIVE positions on the Billboard Hot 100. I listened to a lot of them this morning, but chose to share the Glee version of I Wanna Hold Your Hand. The slower tempo makes for a melancholy tone and of course the sickly father storyline tugged at my hearts…

Mothering Sunday

I didn't have to look anything up to know what to celebrate today. I am celebrating my mother, Isabella. Although I'm currently living in LA and Mum is living in Bermuda, we have always celebrated the English Mother's Day date, correctly known as Mothering Sunday.

Mum was born in Malaysia and moved to England for boarding school at the age of 9, later followed by her parents and brother. She met my father through my cousins' parents (yep, the same ones who inspired the Year of Celebration) who were living in London at the time. My father was living in Bermuda, and he and my mother would meet in New York. 10 months later they were married and then came the three girls: Nadia, Liana and Claudia.

As my father was the renowned lawyer in the family, most people don't know that not only did she study law herself, but it was actually my mother who encouraged me to both apply for and complete my law degree. As a result my father, my mother and I all studied Law at the Univer…

Forever Young

Day 2 of my year of blogging and I'm discovering that for each calendar day there exists a multitude of reasons to celebrate, and it's going to be difficult picking just one, (or even two) for that matter. However, if I chose all to celebrate I'd have no time in the day to get anything actually done. So here's to selective celebrating. Today resulted in a main celebratory reason, relevant music and a quote. I'm thinking that trio may be my template from now on, but to be honest, I've never been particularly good with structure and rules so I'll likely frequently divert from that plan. Hey, it's (and I'm) a work in progress.

Today is International Children's Book Day, which originated in 1967 and is observed on Hans Christian Anderson's Birthday. So to celebrate, I read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, which is one of my favourite children's books. If you haven't read it, you must. To me it's not just a story of unconditional …

April Fool's Day


The What: Today, April 1st, 2011 I am starting this blog: The Year of Celebration. Every day (or at least I'll TRY to post every day - I'm new and a little bit shy about this blogging malarkey) I am going to post a reason to celebrate the day and what I've done to do that. All around the world, amongst different cultures, there must be various reasons that people are celebrating or marking the day - and I want to find them, along with my own reasons for celebrating.

The Why: This past couple of years haven't been good to me. I was living in New York, pursuing my dream of a career as an actor, when my father fell ill. I returned to Bermuda and he passed away two and a half months later. In the midst of my grieving period I suffered an injury that left me bedridden for 2 months and unable to walk for 6 months. The road to recovery was long and I fell into many depressive moods, frankly a default state for me. My cousin had also passed away two months before my f…