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Pinch. Punch. First of the Month.

Today I was interviewed by The Royal Gazette about my acting progress. I mainly did it for evidence for my visa, but I actually enjoyed it, though I was genuinely a bit nervous when I was with the reporter. I had to take pictures with the official photographer outside of the Gazette and it didn't help having men in truck hollering as I was taking the pictures!

Speaking of media and communications today in 1890 Bermuda and Canada were linked by telegraph cable. Seeing as there's been a mail strike in Canada and our mail isn't getting there right now, I thought it was a particularly apt thing to celebrate. No doubt the strike will be over soon, but at least the cable began more sophisticated modes of communication from Bermuda to the rest of the world. Not so desert devil's island anymore.

Also in 2007, smoking was banned in all public places in the UK. As an asthmatic who is triggered by smoking and someone who's father died of smoking-related emphysema I celebrate this. I'm vehemently anti-smoking (although I will admit to the occasional drunken puff - overwhelming guilt then follows!). I do look at my friends and family and wish they smoked less. It's ageing them, and after watching my father gasp for breath that wouldn't come I can't help but think of the long-term effects. So everyone, STOP SMOKING!

Before my interview I had lunch at Muse with Patrick Doyle, but it was more a working lunch. I'm in the middle of a research project and had to make a graph...turns out I haven't done that since 6th form at Sevenoaks and I can't remember any algebra or how to use excel to make a graph! So Patrick came to the rescue...thank God.

Tonight I attempted a night out in Hamilton. But I wasn't in the mood and was feeling severe social anxiety, also likely because I've cut down drinking so much. I'm learning a lot about myself at the moment, and one thing is to not force myself out when I'm not in the mood, and that I don't have to be scared of my sometimes hermetic tendencies. It's whatever makes me happy, not what my guilt makes me do.

Today's Music is from Missy Elliot's who's birthday it is on today, July 1st. I'm sharing "Work It" because I can't help but dance and sing a long to it.


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