Today is Rembrandt's birthday so I chose to share one of his sketches of an elephant. Elephants have special significance for me due to my best friend Mia. On what would have been my father's 60th birthday, Mia presented me with a custom made sterling silver pendant necklace made by our friend Alexandra Mosher. The pendant is pictured and is engraved with the words March Forth. My father's birthday was March 4th, and his grandmother always said it should be his motto for life: to always "march forth". The elephant is significant because elephants are partners for life, and though we're clearly not a couple, Mia is my soul mate. She is one of my favourite people in the world and I often feel like I couldn't get through the hard times without her. And of course elephants march. The full story behind the necklace and it's creation can be found on Alexandra's blog. It is also my mother's birthday. I wrote at length about my mum in the post Mothering Sunday. I love her deeply and wish her a very Happy Birthday. Tonight we celebrated with a little BBQ/Party at the house, and it turned into a bit of a trip. My mother's friend who shall not be named got so drunk that she started yelling to everyone about God. Jesus Christ, was that an experience. Never been so forcefully preached to in my life. About to head off for a night out on the town in Bermuda with some friends from London who recently got engaged. So congrats to Theodora and Warren!

A musical artist I greatly admire is Rachel Yamagata and I've chosen to share her song "Duet" from her album "Elephants....Teeth Sinking into Heart". I didn't even realise until today that the song featured Ray LaMontagne, who I'm obsessed with. So enjoy:


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