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Letter to the Last Decade

August 14 th 2014 To My Roaring Twenties, It is with no regret that I write to inform you that today I am leaving you. I would be remiss if I didn’t try to express my feelings for this journey we have been on together. I have loved you deeply and hated you profoundly, often within a space of mere moments. Despite having ambitious dreams for my life, I largely never thought I would reach the age of 30. During our time entwined I have seen the darkness of death. In my first year with you I made my greatest effort to travel down that one-way tunnel and, yet, life pulled me back. In our fourth year together that spectre returned and stole my greatest influence, the first man I ever loved, my heroic father. Grief blotted out most of who I was and other substances took care of the rest. Farewell Despite all of those experiences, or maybe because of them, I find myself grateful this morning to enter a new decade of life. The last few days of my twenties have been emotionally