Every year my friend Marty hosts his birthday party at his house the weekend before Cup Match (Bermuda's Emancipation Celebration holiday). Every year he calls it something related to his name, we've had Marty Like a Rockstar, Cinco de Marty, Mart Madness, etc. This year's is named Martchella after Coachella. I also had a pool party to rock up to so I spent the night flitting between the two. Bermuda is a very multi-cultural place, and some would say very integrated. However, oftentimes I am struck by how segregated we are. I took my friend Jason to both parties, in the first I was the only person of colour, at the second he was the only Caucasian person. I still think it's a shame, but I hope we are always progressing on this front.

Today is the birthdate of Haile Selassie I, the emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974, was born. Following his death on August 26, 1975. I wrote early in my blog about Selassie here.

The non-celebratory news of Amy Winehouse's death reached us all today. Her cause of death is not yet known, but we all know Winehouse was significantly haunted by the demons inside her. I consider myself lucky that my depression has never extended to severe drug abuse, but I understand the feelings that would lead to it. But I'm determined to celebrate her life. My favourite song of hers is "You Know I'm No Good":


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