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His Life Mattered

"My demons won today. I'm sorry." That was the last Facebook post from MarShawn McCarrel, who shot himself to death on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse last week. From the outside MarShawn was an outspoken, strong, determined black civil rights activist. He was a founder and organiser of the Black Lives Matter movement. He campaigned for social justice and against police brutality. He inspired many. He galvanised for change. From an outside perspective he was a perfect example of strength and fortitude.  But that's the problem with perspectives, they don't tell the full truth. He was strong. He did have fortitude. But his demons took him nonetheless. I'm not sure if everyone has demons. I know everyone has their problems, sadness, difficulties and challenges. That's the nature of life. I can only really see through my own eyes and I have some incredibly strong demons who are often pressing weights behind my back. Sometimes it feels like I'm st