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Society's Ills

Yesterday (Wednesday) I was walking with my dear friend Marc Daniels, a great lawyer at Charter Chambers here in Bermuda. We ran into "Keith", who most Bermudians know of. Keith is a destitute man, who trawls the streets of Hamilton asking for money. Now, we don't have many of these "homeless bums" as many would call them, which is why we all know the ones we do, and mourn their deaths when they pass from this world to the next. Marc and I began discussing how sad a long-term addiction is and I mentioned that I felt like the stigma of mental illness is so strong, especially here in Bermuda, and that our facilities and programs here are woefully under-equipped to handle the many types of illness, trauma counselling and alcohol and drug issues that come from those. I often get a fearful feeling in my stomach when I write about how I feel, because I worry people will judge me, relegate me to being "crazy", or an "attention seeker" or that I'

Air Guitar

Sometimes, you (and by "you" I mean "I") just gotta dance around your room playing air guitar. And I wish that was the only exercise I'd done today as I managed to damage myself on the treadmill. Calamity Jane strikes again. Ouch. Only celebratory exercise permitted from here on out.

Lunch n' Learn

Another day, another BEPRO event. Having spent the last four months in LA as a struggling actor this week's Lunch n' Learn was all about Personal Finances, so I leapt at the chance to attend. Plus my lovely friend Elyse, who is getting married in August (yes, another wedding for me this summer!) was one of the guest speakers representing Capital G so I had to attend. It was very informative, though most of it I already knew, but specifically it was helpful to remind me to do certain things, like put money away and increase my life insurance and generally not bury my head in the sand about my often precarious financial position. Life of an artist....but I love it! The next one is on stocks and bonds, so I'll definitely be attending. I'm so proud of all the crew at BEPRO (most of whom are friends) for the excellent work they're doing in our community. Keep it up, guys! He might be an arrogant twit sometimes, but I have to admit to having a bit of a thing for A.A. G

Beau Rivage

Mmmmm....lunched at Beau Rivage, at Newstead Hotel today. Delicious food and delicious view. Who could ask for anything more?


Day 2 of beaching with Mina. Sigh, life is just so hard sometimes here on-island. Actually, that is true, but there are many of us who are frustrated with island just depends on how frequently that frustration occurs. Mine sadly rears its head pretty often, it's one of the reasons I'm so nomadic, but I think I might feel that way about anywhere I spend too much time in. Whenever the anxiety occurs about a return to the island, the moment I can start seeing the reefs from the plane a calmness sweeps over me and I remember that this is my home, forever and always. Pandora is not, in this context, referring to the box. Although, I did just finish a play in LA all about Pandora's Box (why is it that always sounds dirty to me...I don't mean it that way!). It is the name of our dear family friends, the Nanninis, beautiful hideaway in Somerset. I love the house, and the way Sharon has decorated it. They're half Italian and the house reflects that in so

Live In Living Colour

Today, June 25th, in 1951 the first commerical colour telecast took place as CBS transmitted a one-hour special from NYC to four other citites. Who doesn't love colour television? Big-up CBS. In other broadcasting news, I have to admit to naughtily post-timing the blogs, because often it's the wee hours of the next day and I can't possibly write about my day, but I'm excusing myself because I need to time each day as the day I celebrated, all for the sake of the blog. So there you go. So tonight I went to Christie & Ramon's after-party for their beautiful wedding. And it was the first test of my new-found sobriety. After Friday night made me feel terrible from just three drinks, I decided to cut-down drinking as close to cutting-out as possible. Apart from the fact that it doesn't mix well with my medication (yes, I said it) drinking a depressant when trying to combat depression isn't exactly the best of methods (though I'm

Dancing Mania

On June 24th, 1374 a sudden outbreak of St. John's Dance (aka dancing mania, dancing plague, choreomania) caused people in the streets of Aachen, Germany to suffer hallucinations and jump and twitch uncontrollably until they collapsed from exhaustion. Now that sounds like it beats the Electric Shuffle to me. Affecting thousands of people across several centuries, dancing mania was not a one-off event, and was well documented in contemporary reports.There is no consensus among modern-day scholars as to whether it was an actual illness or social phenomenon. Generally, musicians accompanied dancers, to help ward off the mania, but this tactic sometimes backfired by encouraging more to join in. So what would I do to celebrate this day? Dance of course! Well that was the plan, but I ended up just dancing around my room earlier today, because I clocked-out after Happy Hour at Fairmont Hamilton much for that. At least tomorrow I have Ramon & Christie'


On June 21, 1905, Jean-Paul Sartre, the French existientialist philosopher and writer, was born. So today's quotes comes from him (and as I frequently experience existentialist crises it was difficult to find a positive/celebratory one from him): "Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give [life] a meaning." "Like all dreamers I confuse disenchantment with truth." Today in 1948 the LP was introduced to the world by Columbia Records at a demonstration at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan. In celebration of that, and Brandon Flowers' (of The Killers) birthday here's their song "When You Were Young"

National Heroes' Day

This Monday in June is Bermuda's National Heroes' Day. It was only established 4 years ago, but I think it is an important holiday to commemorate the great leaders of our society, who often get lost in the pages of today's newspapers and knowledge. I was especially proud this year as Dr. E.F. Gordon was celebrated and I am very good friends with his granddaughter. His daughter, Pamela, was the first female Premier of Bermuda. Pictured are her two grandsons, Ethan and Elijah, who collected the awards on behalf of the family (not pictured is granddaughter Elan). Dr. Gordon was a medical doctor who is regarded in Bermuda as the father of the labour movement. Being a member of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party, I am clearly a supporter of Dr. Gordon's. He was a Member of the Colonial Parliament (MCP) and challenged racism at every opportunity. When White Parliamentarians refused to refer to him as "Dr." Gordon he changed his name to "Mazumbo" in prot


Today we are celebrating "Juneteenth "commemorating the anniversary of the announcement of the abolition of slavery in the United States. It is also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day (Bermuda's own Emancipation Day is held in late July). Today is also Fathers' Day and a father I know's birthday. In the weeks running up to Fathers' Day I had begun to resent the very idea. I kept receiving spam mail telling me to buy something special for "Dad". As my father passed away nearly two years ago, the emails always made me feel raw as no, he doesn't need a new watch, or cufflinks, or cologne, or whathaveyou. But then I realised that Fathers' Day is jut another chance to remember him and to celebrate the other father in my life - my stepdad, who has truly taken us in as his own and is a rock for our family. So Charlie...HAPPY FATHERS' DAY. Pictured is my family on the day my mum and stepdad got married last October. So this is to family.

Jack & Water

The only thing I'm celebrating today is Alastair Jack's birthday at "Jack & Water" - his beach party sponsored by Goslings Rum Company. Should be a good time.

Boating, BEPRO & Bloomsday

I have never read Ulysses. Yes, I admit it. So celebrating Bloomsday is a little indulgent. Additionally, it is meant to be celebrated in Dublin, but I clearly can't hop on a I'm celebrating here. Bloomsday is a commemoration of the life of James Joyce and his book Ulysses, which took place in Dublin on June 16th 1904. The day generally involves cultural activities, pub crawls and general merriment. My version of a cultural activity in Bermuda is a trip to Paradise Lakes on a boat and sitting off enjoying "nature". So that's exactly what I did with Alex and Amy (pictured). Now, if only I'd brought Ulysses to read on the boat, the day would have been complete. After a quick change on the boat, Alex dropped me off to the dock at Newstead Hotel for a cocktail summer kick-off party hosted by BEPRO (Bermuda Emerging Professionals) and it was an excellent opportunity to see a bunch of friends I hadn't seen for four months. A few hours later I stopped

Stanley Cup Final

Most people don't know this about me, but I love watching ice hockey, both live and on TV. I don't really follow it, but I always enjoy a good game (especially when the fights break out). I lived in Toronto during my gap year and of course, that city is crazy for their Maple Leafs so I got a bit hooked. Tonight was the Stanley Cup Final, but unfortunately I didn't have a lot to celebrate for, as I was rooting for Vancouver. But, at least I didn't riot like the Vancouver fans....they're clearly depressed about their lack of celebrations. And, a night in Docksiders with friends watching the game was not exactly something to scoff at. They say you learn something new everyday and I definitely did today. On June 15th, 1667, the first human blood transfusion was administered by Dr. Jean-Baptiste Denys. I truly had no idea that blood transfusions had been around for so long. I suppose I can only repeat what I said on World Blood Donor Day about donating blood whenever you

World Blood Donor Day

Today, June 14th is World Blood Donor Day and is dedicated to "thanking and celebrating voluntary non-remunerated blood donors". It always occures on June 14th as this is the birthday of Karl Landsteiner who created the ABO blood group system, for which he won the Nobel Prize. In celebration of this day I encourage you all to give blood, especially those in Bermuda, because we have a large deficit in our blood supply. I would love to give blood, however due to the amount of time I spent in the UK during the BSE crisis I am not permitted to give blood in Bermuda. This policy desperately needs to be changed if we are to increase our blood supply in any meaningful way. There are too many people on the island who are exempt and therefore cannot supply blood no matter their interest in doing so. Today was a bittersweet day as I said goodbye to my best friend Mia who has gone off to the UK to pursue her music caree

Mia & Miranda

When I was a child I went to a private school in Bermuda, and it very much followed the UK mold in terms of both structure and content. Sadly, as a result, my Bermudian historical education was quite lacking, but I also later learnt this was the case for most Bermudian students. It is improving, but there is still a great gap between our history and what is taught to us. Today I discovered that on June 13th, 1373 the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance between England and Portugal is the oldest alliance in the world, and still remains in force. This is of note because Bermuda has a significant enough proportion of people of Portuguese descent to count as its own category in the census. They have mostly come from the Acores Islands and they contribute greatly to the economy and the functioning of society. I mention this in particular because my best friend, Mia, (of Mohawk Radio) is of Portuguese descent and I met her at Fairmont Hamilton Princess, where I had possibly the most delicious fish s

Saris and Celebrations

On June 11th, 1509 King Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon. On the same date in 2002 Paul McCartney married Heather Mills in a remote Irish castle. Today is the day in 2011 that Aziza Atiyya Ahad married Calworth Livingstone Furbert III and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this couple will not turn out like the others. As they say, third time's the charm! Today was one of those days that I really felt alive, and not in a manic sort of way. When I saw Aziza walk down the aisle I felt so many emotions and she was so utterly beautiful, and I was truly honoured to be her bridesmaid. It felt legitimately like a fairytale. I wish I could share the official photos as they're amazing, but they're clearly not ready yet. Here's a selection of photos I do have. Additionally, on June 11th, 1880, Jeannette Rankin, the first female member of Congress, was born. If you've been reading this blog you know that I'm all about equa

Bachelorettes in Blue

Today is a music day, just because so many things happened on June 10th that I can't help but share a lot of tunes. It's also helpful, because tonight was Aziza's bachelorette party and music featured heavily in our outing. Of course, I can't share anymore than the photo featured, as that would break the rules. However, I will explain all the blue; Aziza's favourite colour is turquoise so I forced everyone to wear as close to that as possible. Originally I had gotten it completely wrong and ordered yellow, until Aziza had to correct me. Good thing I let her in on the idea not too last-minute. On a side note, though clearly not worthy of celebration I did find it interesting that both John Edwards and Elliot Spitzer share today's date as their birthdays. Perhaps there's something in the moon on this date that make them both horn-dogs. I also learned tonight, courtesy of Amy, that on June 10th 1935 Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by Dr. Robert Smith (on th

Rehearsal Rehearsal

No, it's not a post about acting....but the rehearsal and dinner ahead of Aziza's wedding. I'm still adjusting to life in Bermuda, running around doing errands and catching up with friends. Unfortunately, a dear friend was recently diagnosed with MS and I desperately wanted to see her before she moved to the UK for treatment. I mention this as I feel any opportunity to bring attention to this disease and it's treatment is a good thing. To give to the MS Society please click here . After a few glasses of wine, on the beautiful porch overlooking the harbour, I raced up to the rehearsal at Fort Scaur (wearing beautiful new clothes that my lovely friend had thrown upon me ahead of her move). The rehearsal was mostly figuring out what to do on the day, and meeting the rest of the bridal party (namely the groomsmen). Pictured is Cal at the site, taken just after they had chosen the location. Dinner followed at Cal's grandmother's house and then we took the overseas g

Henna Hen Night

1984. What a wonderful year that turned out to be. Why, might y ou ask? Well, because I was born. And I suppose it's also worth a mention that the world fortunately was not what George Orwell predicted (unless you're a conspiracy theorist) in his book of the same name, published today, June 8th, in 1949. Why else was 1984 a great year? Well, on today's date in 1984 homosexuality was declared legal in the Australian state of New South Wales. As I've mentioned before I'm all for equal rights in every arena, including sexuality. Whether you're gay, straight, bisexual, transgender or transexual I say get married, if that's what floats your boat. No majority should ever be able to affect the rights of a minority. It's frankly disgustingly late for such equality. Enough of the tirade, this is a blog about celebrating after all! Which I've done plenty of today. After a red-eye flight from LAX, and a 4 hour layover in Baltimore I arrived in Bermuda in time

Black Cherry

Today in 1984 Tetris was released. Ah, childhood memories! So what better way to celebrate than the Transformers' video game launch at The Redbury at Hollywood & Vine. I went with Nadia (sister) to see my friend Megane's band Black Cherry play. So happy to see Meg as the night I met her she fled to London the next day and she was flown in especially for this. Sadly, the gamers are total nerds and whilst Meg rocked out they softly nodded their heads. But our little group loved it. Black Cherry are truly fantastic, check them out on facebook here . And here's a video I took of last night's performance: Today in 1933 the first drive-in movie theater opened, in Camden County, N.J. Now, I've never been to a drive-in, but I'd love to go. More modern versions of drive-ins tend to be the Cemetery Screenings in LA, or the Bryant Park films in NYC, or in Bermuda the Moonlight Movie series on the beach and in the parks. But all of those require good weather. Fo

Temple Ner Tamid

The Apple II, one of the first personal computers went on sale today in 1977. Seeing as I use my mac to update this blog, and spend hours a day on it (both wasting time and getting things done) I have to celebrate that. I switched over in late 2008 and I'll never go back. Sorry Bill Gates, although I do appreciate all the money you give to The Global Fund. Today, I went with Tal and his family to his son's graduation from his grade in Hebrew School. It was also the 50th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Temple Ner Tamid in Palos Verdes. Though raised Christian I think it's important to explore other cultures and belief systems and I enjoyed my first Temple experience. This was the day in 1956 that Elvis Presley introduced 'Hound Dog' on The Milton Berle Show , and absolutely scandalised the American audience with his dancing, and was only filmed from the waist up for a long time following that. So of course, I share that video. Damn THE Man! Today's

Equal Rights

Today was a rather great day in history. In 1919 the US Congress approved the 19th Amendment to the Constitution which guaranteed suffrage to women. Furthermore, on June 4th in 1957, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered the speech Power of Nonviolence and I share this quote: "The Greek language uses three words for love. It talks about eros . Eros is a sort of aesthetic love....But when we speak of loving those who oppose us we’re not talking about eros . The Greek language talks about philia and this is a sort of reciprocal love between personal friends....The Greek language comes out with another word and it is agape . Agape is understanding, creative, redemptive good will for all men. Biblical theologians would say it is the love of God working in the minds of men. It is an overflowing love which seeks nothing in return. And when you come to love on this level you begin to love men not because they are likeable, not because they do things that attract us,

Rum Riot

When I discovered today was the anniversary of the Portland Rum Riot in (1855) I knew I had to write about it. The riot was in response to the prohibition of alcohol. Being Bermudian I have a very close relationship with rum, mostly Goslings' Black Seal Rum, made in Bermuda. I can only imagine the rioting that would occur in Bermuda if that happened. After all we are jokingly referred to as 60,000 alcoholics clinging to a rock. Unfortunately, my day didn't involve rum, but fortunately it did involve lots of champagne and wine agency wants to take me on. So that was great news ahead of my Bermuda return, especially because I now have a sponsor for my visa. Residency in the US here I come (hopefully). Before I received that news I brunched with my friend Olivia who was visiting from NYC, and is going to move here in a few months. Apart from just the joy of her lovely company I also found a future roomie. Excellent. After brunch we visited her family in their love

Actors Galore

Quite a few depressing things happened today in history, but of course this blog is about overcoming depression, not dwelling on I won't get into it. But there are things to celebrate, including the birth of Morgan Freeman, one of the best actors of any generation. Whenever I'm feeling a bit old and that I haven't achieved enough as an actor, I think of Freeman, who's first proper credit wasn't until he was 34 and only started achieving real recognition in his 40s. As Melissa Leo's Oscar this year showed, you just need to stick with it. Today I had to head up to Burbank for an audition at The Polygon Group agency. It's my first theatrical agency audition, and though nervous I was looking forward to it, and I thought it went pretty well. On the way I met up with my friends Neti Leddel and Kathy DiStefano, both actresses I met when we were rehearsing for a web series that sadly never came to fruition. Far from sadly, I made friends with these two