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St. George's Art Walk

Yesterday I went with a large group of friends to the Art Walk in the East, part of the revitalisation of the old capital of Bermuda, St. George's. In LA I keep planning on going to the various art walks there, but as we all know life can sometimes get in the way. I didn't know what to expect and was worried that there wouldn't be a good turnout, but it was bustling and beautiful. The galleries were all open, some with live music, all with drinks and later Heather, Nick and I headed to Tavern by the Sea for dinner. We'd desperately wanted to try Wahoo's, but they had no room for us. I've had the same issue numerous times I've wanted to eat there. Must be sure to make a reservation next time! Along the route out of St. Geo we ran into six guys who had all sailed to Bermuda from Newport. Heather knew one of them so we kidnapped them and took them off to the Rugby Classic Closing Party at the field. Strangely enough today is the anniversary of the first ever


Remembrance Day. Or Veterans' Day for you Americans. This doesn't need much description as wel all know what to celebrate here, our veterans.  Though I did find it fun to mark 11:11 on 11.11.11 especially because not only does it work in either  month/day order, but it's the only time in our lifetime that the same numbers are going to happen. Likely, much longer than that.  I am highly damaged today. Yesterday I went to one of the games of the World Rugby Classic that's held in Bermuda every year, but this was my first time attending. Man, have I been missing out?! It was so much fun. Someone I know called it the Ex-Pat's CupMatch . The party continued to Sophie's house until 6 in the morning, so today is marked for recovery.

Columbia Road Flower Market

 When I first got to London, my friend Anne suggested we all go for brunch at Columbia Road on the day of the flower market, which happens every Sunday. Unfortunately, we couldn't all get together, but it's been in my mind since then. So finally today, on my last Sunday I went with John to the market. It was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't believe how cheap the flowers were, being used to all the imported flowers in Bermuda, which are insanely pricey. There were orchids for a fiver, and my "brother" Raymond in New York is obsessed with orchids. I wished he was around so I could buy them for him. If I wasn't about to leave on Tuesday I would have scooped up loads. I have to admit the photo of the flowers isn't mine as I stupidly didn't take any pictures of the actual market.  We had a lovely wander along the market, grabbed some food and coffee and proceeded to investigate all the vintage stores around. Some were incredibly pricey, but I found s