Today is the first day of CupMatch and I spent the day at Chewstick NeoGriot lounge's annual Beachfest celebration. This year it was named Peacefest to encourage peace in our community. Unfortunately, the day was marred by a fight that broke out amongst some youts, and my mother was hit with a bottle. She's ok, thankfully, just a bit cut up on her leg. The day was fun, though not as good in year's past (although no rain this year - it POURED last year), but still a worthy celebration. I was feeling a bit of social anxiety, as I'm prone to, before heading out there, but a few hours in it had subsided mostly. Pictured L-R, Myself, Amy, Ed, Lydia, Jordan and Kyle.

Heading for a nap now, then to Andrew Green's annual Cup Match island party on Marshall's Island by boat. Lots of food, drinks, and fun. Fantastic.


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