Cup Match

TO THE GAME! Today involved actually heading to the Cricket game to watch the final day of Cup Match. Well, I didn't do much watching, I did a lot of wandering, eating, drinking and gambling at Crown & Anchor. Crown & Anchor involves a table with the 4 suits, and a crown and anchor. You place your bet on whichever you like and the dealer rolls three dice with each side representing a square. If you get one, you double your money, two, triple your money...and so on. I broke even, but ended up buying an airhorn necklace (Bermp! Bermp!) by Alexandra Mosher so finished down by the end of the day. My friend Jen is visiting from Toronto (and I'm visiting her in a few weeks to go to a wedding - or "veddin" in Bermudian). She arrived off the Air Canada flight at lunchtime and we took her straight to the game, she was under strict orders not to wear St. George's colours, which are light blue and dark blue. Somerset, the team I support, is dark blue and red. The match involves the all stars from the West (Somerset) battling the all stars from the East (St. George's). Unfortunately, St. George's won this year. Don't worry Somerset, we'll get it next year! (L-R, Me, Jen, Aziza, Cal)

Tonight it is onwards to Soca vs Reggae, a sound clash concert at Tiger Bay. Looking forward to it.


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