Stanley Cup Final

Most people don't know this about me, but I love watching ice hockey, both live and on TV. I don't really follow it, but I always enjoy a good game (especially when the fights break out). I lived in Toronto during my gap year and of course, that city is crazy for their Maple Leafs so I got a bit hooked. Tonight was the Stanley Cup Final, but unfortunately I didn't have a lot to celebrate for, as I was rooting for Vancouver. But, at least I didn't riot like the Vancouver fans....they're clearly depressed about their lack of celebrations. And, a night in Docksiders with friends watching the game was not exactly something to scoff at.

They say you learn something new everyday and I definitely did today. On June 15th, 1667, the first human blood transfusion was administered by Dr. Jean-Baptiste Denys. I truly had no idea that blood transfusions had been around for so long. I suppose I can only repeat what I said on World Blood Donor Day about donating blood whenever you can. One day it might be you who needs it.

Additionally, on today's date in 1752 Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning is electricity. Seeing as most celebrations require electricity, I'm gonna say that one's a win!

Today is also Neil Patrick Harris' birthday. I'm a little obsessed with How I Met Your in the words of Barney...."LEGEND...wait for it....DARY!" and "A lie is just a great story someone ruined with the truth"


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