Rehearsal Rehearsal

No, it's not a post about acting....but the rehearsal and dinner ahead of Aziza's wedding. I'm still adjusting to life in Bermuda, running around doing errands and catching up with friends. Unfortunately, a dear friend was recently diagnosed with MS and I desperately wanted to see her before she moved to the UK for treatment. I mention this as I feel any opportunity to bring attention to this disease and it's treatment is a good thing. To give to the MS Society please click here. After a few glasses of wine, on the beautiful porch overlooking the harbour, I raced up to the rehearsal at Fort Scaur (wearing beautiful new clothes that my lovely friend had thrown upon me ahead of her move). The rehearsal was mostly figuring out what to do on the day, and meeting the rest of the bridal party (namely the groomsmen). Pictured is Cal at the site, taken just after they had chosen the location. Dinner followed at Cal's grandmother's house and then we took the overseas guests out to Pickled Onion in Hamilton to catch Mohawk Radio's last gig with Mia, before she moves to the UK for awhile. I'm still suffering from lack of sleep, which I don't think will improve until after the wedding, so here's to trucking forward.

The American Composer and lyricist Cole Porter was born on today's date in 1891. He created some of the most famous music of his era and his songs were performed by many of the greats. So in tribute to Cal & Aziza ahead of their wedding here's "You're the Top" as sung by Cole Porter himself. Yes the sound quality is off, but it comes directly from a record, and I'm a sucker for anything retro.

Today's Quote comes from Special Counsel for the US Army Joseph Welch, who today in 1954 lashed out at Sen. Joseph McCarthy during the Communism hearings creating a famous rebuke:

"You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"

The failure of McCarthyism is something to surely celebrate.


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