Lunch n' Learn

Another day, another BEPRO event. Having spent the last four months in LA as a struggling actor this week's Lunch n' Learn was all about Personal Finances, so I leapt at the chance to attend. Plus my lovely friend Elyse, who is getting married in August (yes, another wedding for me this summer!) was one of the guest speakers representing Capital G so I had to attend. It was very informative, though most of it I already knew, but specifically it was helpful to remind me to do certain things, like put money away and increase my life insurance and generally not bury my head in the sand about my often precarious financial position. Life of an artist....but I love it! The next one is on stocks and bonds, so I'll definitely be attending. I'm so proud of all the crew at BEPRO (most of whom are friends) for the excellent work they're doing in our community. Keep it up, guys!

He might be an arrogant twit sometimes, but I have to admit to having a bit of a thing for A.A. Gill, and his writing. And today is his birthday. A.A. Gill writes for, amongst others, The Times in London, and I dreadfully miss my Sunday mornings with tea, breakkie and the Sunday Times....sigh.

Musically, today in 1846 the saxophone was patented by Adolphe Sax in Paris. As a child I learnt to play the saxophone, and clearly my love of the sound stuck with me into adulthood due to my admiration of jazz standards. I even joined a Big Band at school, though not for long enough for me to be able to whip out my sax now and launch into a ditty. So instead, I'll share one of the songs I learnt then, "In the Mood" which always puts me in a great, swing-dancing mood!


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