Henna Hen Night

1984. What a wonderful year that turned out to be. Why, might you ask? Well, because I was born. And I suppose it's also worth a mention that the world fortunately was not what George Orwell predicted (unless you're a conspiracy theorist) in his book of the same name, published today, June 8th, in 1949.

Why else was 1984 a great year? Well, on today's date in 1984 homosexuality was declared legal in the Australian state of New South Wales. As I've mentioned before I'm all for equal rights in every arena, including sexuality. Whether you're gay, straight, bisexual, transgender or transexual I say get married, if that's what floats your boat. No majority should ever be able to affect the rights of a minority. It's frankly disgustingly late for such equality.

Enough of the tirade, this is a blog about celebrating after all! Which I've done plenty of today. After a red-eye flight from LAX, and a 4 hour layover in Baltimore I arrived in Bermuda in time for lunch and a lovely reunion with my best-friend and soulmate Mia Page Chambray, lead singer in Mohawk Radio. Like them on facebook here or check out their website here. You can get a free listen to their album OR buy it on itunes (much better!). Mia and the band are rocking out tonight and tomorrow at Pickled Onion in Bermuda, so if you're on-island be sure to check it out. She has a phenomenal voice that could give Adele a run for her money. You won't be disappointed. TRUST.

After a hectic afternoon (tailor to make sure my custom-made bridesmaid dress actually fit!, the insurance company and a car-change that would rival an escape-scene in a film) I got home just in time to dump my bags, shower, change and run out the door to Aziza's house for our Henna Night. Aziza is Muslim and Mia, myself, her sister and roommate are all bridesmaids and this is our first night all of us just together. As custom dictates we, the bridesmaids, had henna done on our hands, whilst Aziza had her hands and feet done and we fed her (delicious House of India, oh how I've missed you) and watched Bride & Prejudice until we'd all dried. Big thanks to Chrisanthi Bartley who spent hours with us doing our beautiful henna. I am about to collapse in a heap of exhaustion. Far too much celebrating today and there's still 4 days of wedding activities! Must. Sleep. Immediately.


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