So today is one of those down in the dumps for no reason, anxiety-ridden, want-to-hide-under-the-duvet days. Now it could have something to do with over-indulgence on Friday night, so I'm not exactly innocent in all of this. Motivating myself to do something today has been tough, but that was the entire point in the Year of Celebration - to force myself, on days like these , to be positive.

Research-wise I've been very lazy today. Today is Kristen Stewart's birthday, but anything Twilight-related will make me more depressed. It is also Elle Fanning's birthday and I've been wanting to see Sofia Coppola's Somewhere for quite a while so I rented it off of iTunes, though have yet to actually watch it (off-book deadline for Sand in the Air is on Monday so I'm line-reading). Seeing as my sister lives just down the street from Chateau Marmont (where the film is set) I could have completed the day by heading up there for some drinks, but instead my dad's friend Tal treated my sister and I to an early dinner at the delicious Palihouse on Holloway Drive. It definitely lifted my spirits and by the end of the evening I was in a much better mood. Tal and my father have some serious similarities and although they only knew each other for a couple of years before my Dad's death they had become very close. In honour of Tal and my dad I've chosen My Funny Valentine for today's music, as they both are not-so-secret crooners and it's one of their favourites:

Sir Francis Bacon passed away on April 9th, 1626, and served as Attorney General of England. Fitting too, as Dad and Tal were/are both lawyers so today's quote comes from him:

"If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties."


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