Cantaloup Island, Watermelon Man

So today was another one of those days...sigh. I don't think I achieved anything of substance until 4pm (and that includes showering), although comfort eating did feature heavily in the day's events. So I'm definitely in need of something celebratory (and calorie-free) today.

Today is Herbie Hancock's birthday, and frankly, that's a huge thing to celebrate. The man is a musical genius and my iTunes is all the better for having him in it. All of his old stuff is amazing, but I also really enjoyed his more recent collaborative album Possibilities. I wasn't a fan of EVERY song, but I did like that he mixed genres with every track, so the album is essentially genre-less. I love Stitched Up feat John Mayer, but I haven't yet been able to bring myself to forgive him for his "supremacist dick" comments from last year. Now whenever I hear him I just think "douchebag". However, I can't let my feelings about John prevent me from sharing this 8-minute documentary about Possibilities, which features a lot of 'Stitched Up' - the song with John Mayer (and admittedly my favourite on the album):

Today was also the day that the Salk vaccine for polio was determined to be safe and effective - so I'd like to celebrate the fact that I don't have polio, and can therefore dance to Herbie Hancock. Here's to physical health (minus the minor limp caused by a major mishap in the Christmas season of '09, of course).


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