April Fool's Day


The What: Today, April 1st, 2011 I am starting this blog: The Year of Celebration. Every day (or at least I'll TRY to post every day - I'm new and a little bit shy about this blogging malarkey) I am going to post a reason to celebrate the day and what I've done to do that. All around the world, amongst different cultures, there must be various reasons that people are celebrating or marking the day - and I want to find them, along with my own reasons for celebrating.

The Why: This past couple of years haven't been good to me. I was living in New York, pursuing my dream of a career as an actor, when my father fell ill. I returned to Bermuda and he passed away two and a half months later. In the midst of my grieving period I suffered an injury that left me bedridden for 2 months and unable to walk for 6 months. The road to recovery was long and I fell into many depressive moods, frankly a default state for me. My cousin had also passed away two months before my father - he was young and it was difficult for his entire family and they have been going through the same thing as us for the last couple of years. Earlier this year I was called to the New York Bar and his mother and sister came up to support me. At the celebratory lunch, his mother Jo-Carol declared this would be the year of celebration - and that we needed to focus on that. I've been trying to hold onto that, and some days it's difficult. I realised I need to be more proactive in being positive. So this is about me trying to find that...and no doubt, some days will be a struggle, but here we go.

April 1st - As everyone knows it's April Fool's Day. I'm living in LA, so it's only 10am and as I'm all alone, my opportunities for trickery are minimal. Will try to do something today to mark it. Although, yesterday I cheated by starting the celebrations early (and that was exactly why I decided I'd start this blog today). As I'm an LA newbie I grabbed my friend Tyler and dragged him to explore Los Feliz and Griffith Park with me. We ended up drinking for happy hour at Figaro Cafe and when pushed for something to toast to Tyler suggested Cesar Chavez day. I have a feeling this year of celebration may become a year of drinking....

UPDATE: Today I moved into my new sublet in Larchmont Village. It had to be the hottest day in LA thus far and after sweatily moving bags and belongings I was far from interested in celebrating. But, I gathered myself up and headed to Andrea's house. Andrea is in my play Seven Deadly Sins (we open this coming Thursday at the Next Stage Theatre in Hollywood - there's my plug!) and she invited the girls from the play to her place. She's a fantastic chef and made delicious treats. I then went off to a friend's birthday off Laurel Canyon. Honestly, I don't know what people did before GPS because the house was impossible to find. Once parked I wandered down the darkened street, and then the music of a Tiki band lured me to the front door. The party was such a mix of people, lawyers, actors, politicians, oompa-loompas, ageing rockers and the music shifted between tiki band and reggae. To be honest, the entire thing felt like an April Fool's mish-mash, so I think my celebrating for the day is complete.


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