Caught a Ghost

Today was one of those stay at home kind of days (when I know I should probably at least exercise, but whatever - that doesn't sound celebratory to me today). However, today is David Boreanaz's birthday and we all know what that means....a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon. Yes-I. (For those non-Bermudians amongst us that means "amazing", "fantastic", "yes" and generally positive exclamations).

Late tonight I went to see the my friend Jesse Nolan's band Caught a Ghost concert at Spaceland in Silverlake, joined by the beautiful and talented Tessa Thompson. So today's music comes from them. Please "like" their page on Facebook. This song is 'Sleeping at Night 'and it's my favourite of theirs thus far. The video is also pretty rad, especially as I'm a little obsessed with stop-motion.


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