Today (well tonight) four years ago I lost my idol, my hero, a giant amongst men and the first man I ever loved; my father Julian. I've discussed him many times in this blog, in life, to my friends, to strangers, to anyone who will listen really. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind about my admiration for him. 

I am my father's daughter and with that comes his legacy. When I was a child I always worried I would never come out from under his shadow. That doesn't worry me at all anymore, it is a glorious shadow in which to find shade from the heat of life. I used to hate my feet and the lines and the dark spots under my eyes, but since he died I've come to love them, because they're his too and I can tread life in the same feet as him and look at it through his eyes. I've attached a clipping from the front page of yesterday's Bermuda Sun in which I am referred to, as always, as "Julian Hall's daughter". I am trying to make a name for myself in the acting and writing world internationally, but in Bermuda I will always be his offspring. I couldn't ask for a better reputation. 


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