Today I was exposed. In the most beautiful way possible. In revealing my inner darkness it has always been my intention to help remove the stigma of mental illness; to give a voice to those who cannot or will not speak for themselves. Those who are too ashamed and scared to even reach out for help. Because sometimes we need help and there's nothing wrong with asking for it. It is the solution to inevitable destruction.

I wrote an article for the Bermuda Sun, which was the most revealing and vulnerable piece I've ever written. Even in this blog I have not plunged to the depths of truth regarding my mental state. I have always been too afraid, but I figured if I was going to have an impact, I needed to be as authentic as possible. How can I ask others to reach out for help and to admit to their own demons when I'm not prepared to do the same?

Later on this afternoon I spoke to a group about my journey and those people shared back. To have so many people relate to me and to express that makes me realise that we're all just humans who need to connect. That we all just need someone to listen and help us to understand that our neuroses don't make us crazy... they make us human.

To those of you who have reached out since this article has been published, I'd like to express that your words mean more than I could ever express.

With all the love that I can muster,



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