Surfing BDA

After last night's early night I had a lot of energy this morning. Spent a couple of hours writing my children's book, then headed to St. George's to see my sister's godmother Gina before she headed back to the UK. I arrived at Grape Bay and surfed (badly) for a few hours with my friends Nick, Ben, Kaitlyn, Jason and my sister Nadia. Nick recently had his jaw broken by some youths who jumped him for defending a girl in a bar. I marvel at Nick's positivity. He's one of the sunniest people I know and hasn't let this get him down. He inspires me to be more optimistic. Nick hasn't let it make him less sociable, and actually went to the concert I missed on Friday night, because I was moping at home.

As I was driving home from the beach all I could think was that I was in a blues/jazz kind of mood and immediately wanted to start playing some when I got home. Happily for me, today is the birthdate of Count Basie, so I had a reason to listen to him for an hour or so.

The evening was spent at Alicia's house at a dinner party for myself, Alia, Megan and Preston. Alicia will be illustrating my children's book, so I gave a little reading of the first chapter so she could get the gist of what I'm going for.

The American Bar Association was founded today in Saratoga, N.Y in 1878. As a member of the NY Bar and therefore a US attorney, I have to celebrate this.

Even though I was a bit miserable on Friday, this whole weekend turned out to be quite wonderful indeed.


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