Ashford & Simpson

It is with a heavy heart that I write about the death of Nick Ashford of the couple and power-house music duo Ashford & Simpson. I have been fortunate in my own life to see them perform twice, both at Progressive Labour Party events in Bermuda, where they took on the slogan "Solid as a Rock" for their election campaign (and won). This twosome wrote so many of the world's most famous songs, I'm nearly having a meltdown trying to figure out what to share. So I just had to choose the classic Ain't No Mountain High Enough (which is also the backing music for Amy Winehouse's Tears Dry on Their Own).

Thank you, Nick Ashford, for giving us so much music to celebrate. Rest Well.

Personally, I was in a "Kind of Blue" kind of mood today, so I spent the evening listening to Miles Davis' album of the name and started clearing out my belongings ahead of the move back to LA. My mother wants to move after we've all left so she's commanded me to reduce my belongings. Farewell to some of my lovely clothes. I'll miss you! In un-celebratory news I put my phone down on my bed and when I went to pick it up again the screen was blitzed. How very irritating.

Just to put you into my now actually blue mood, here's a preview of a documentary for A Kind of Blue, that was released on the 50th anniversary of it's release. I should save it for September 30th (the actual anniversary), but I enjoyed it so much that I hoped you would to:


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