No post yesterday because I was thoroughly miserable. Any particular reason? Well, no. Which makes being bipolar so frustrating sometimes, because I was on a high all week following my birthday (and not having the usual birthday crises). So I finished work at 3pm, got into bed, and didn't leave until 6am the next morning. I got a little work done on my children's book though (from the comfort of my bed) so at least I achieved something. All of my friends went to a concert at Snorkel Park. Mischka, a Bermudian reggae artist who was recently signed to Matthew McConaughey's new record label, was the headliner. But I couldn't even bring myself to shower, let alone get gussied up to go to a concert. And I had no amount of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) either so wasn't really concerned. Although, I woke up feeling fine today and now regret not going out! Ah, you can't win 'em all (even if that's what this year of celebration is about). So I just decided to go doubly hard today on a raft-up at Mangrove Bay, which is why I'm now in on a Saturday night. Had far too much daytime partying, then a nap and now I'm happily rested.

It's David Walliams from Little Britain's Birthday today. So here's a clip of Carol in Spain:

I need a little amusement after Friday's moping!


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