Bermuda Arts Council Grant

I woke up this morning in a foul mood. That turned into hysterical tears as I skyped with the lovely one and complained about my life. My worries revolved around my choices in life, that as much as I have maintained my integrity regarding my career dreams, I'm poor and nothing is really going on for me professionally. Now that I'm back in London I see all my friends from law school frequently and they're all in stable jobs, earning quite good money and I'm just struggling to stay afloat. I usually comfort myself by admitting that I would be miserable if I had taken that path, because it's just not for me, but sometimes all this integrity can be overwhelming. 

Then a few hours after this panic that had emotionally exhausted me I received some fantastic news. The Bermuda Arts Council has decided to provide me with a grant to help publish The Little Cottage. I was ecstatic for the rest of the day and actually felt a certain level of validation concerning pursuing the careers I want, rather than the ones that are safe. It's only one step in the process, but it's a substantial one and has galvanised me to regain momentum in all aspects of my life.


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