Operation: Celebration

It may be a cliche, but the beginning of a new year brings new beginnings. January 1st is just another day in the calendar, but for the vast majority of us it comes with resolutions, promises, ideas and inspiration. For me 2015 was the worst year of my life. I struggled to celebrate with everything that happened, much of which I haven't written about as it's too painful, but so far 2016 is remarkably better and I'm reexamining my life.

I've been contemplating the day I began this blog in 2011. For those of you who haven't been with me from the beginning, it started as a challenge for myself to choose something to celebrate every day for a year. It came off the back of some difficult times. My father had passed away, as had my cousin Ken, my foot had been smashed and I'd had to learn to walk again properly, battling an addiction to painkillers and I'd been struggling with undiagnosed bipolar disorder. At the beginning of that year I had been called to the New York Bar and Ken's mum Jo-Carol had come up to the city to mark the occasion. As a small group of loved ones toasted me Jo-Carol declared that we should make it a year of celebration; that we'd had so much pain and trauma in our lives recently that we had to celebrate every worthwhile occasion and bask in the glow of that. Thus, the blog was born. Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, put on the correct medication and began therapy and the blog essentially became a manic-depressive's guide to life. It's been quite the journey since then and I've appreciated every reader who's come for the ride with me.

Today in 1943 Janis Joplin was born. She said, "You can destroy your now by worrying about tomorrow." I challenge you to celebrate your now and also make 2016 your Year of Celebration. Every day for the rest of the year capture a photo of one thing in your life you can celebrate. Find me on Instagram and use the hashtag #theyearofcelebration. It could be minuscule or monumental, soulful or silly, inspirational or intellectual. Whatever it is, celebrate it. 

So here's my long list of resolutions for 2016:

1. Celebrate.

Come join me. 


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