Thunderstorms and Sunshine

Oh Britain, how you confuse me with your rapid weather changes. An hour ago there was lightning, thunder and torrential rain. Now as I type the sunshine is warming my sitting room. Clearly this makes my outfit planning for the day very difficult, but despite this I cannot be annoyed with you. After all, I can't blame myself for my day-to-day moods, nor can I blame the gods for the emotional mirror the weather provides. Today is a good day. Nothing has happened. Either eventfully or emotionally. Sometimes silence and solitude is all I need for serenity. 

“Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.”  
                                            ― Vladimir Nabokov


  1. Don't forget about the HAIL!!! - and my shoes and socks are still drying in the windowsill at the workshop. You are right though - now it is glorious. Kind of like life - both highs and lows. You appreciate the glorious weather all the more for the balance the stormy weather offers. We know that there will be some crap coming our way at times so we have to live in, revel in the gloriousness of life when we can :)

    1. Absolutely! I just don't know if I'll repeat the same sentiments when we go on our run tomorrow morning!! :(


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