Writer's Block

I've been negligent, I know. It's not just you, YOC, it's every piece of writing in my life. I'm suffering from the dreaded...dun dun dun...WRITER'S BLOCK. I'm not even sure if that's the right terminology for what I'm experiencing, because actually it's more that I'm hating everything I've written in the past. Since losing my laptop I haven't written a single new word of The Hardest Part, my novel-in-progress. Likely because I lost the last 15-20 pages and I'm resentful. It's been stagnating on page 287 or whatever for two months and I now think I hate it. There are parts of it that I love (usually individual sentences), and I know what I'm trying to do, but I'm just not executing it in the right way. I keep opening the manuscript, reading it, becoming exasperated and deciding that before I make drastic changes or toss the whole thing I'll leave it a few days until I'm in a better mood. The thing is I've been in a bad mood for five months and that finally lifted a week ago. I'm in a good mood now. A damn good one. And I've tried to read and review over the last two days and I still hate it. Which is now putting me in a bad mood. For the love of literature, someone please help me...


  1. I'm sorry :( I did not hear that you had lost your laptop. I have no witty words of advice for you except if it was worth starting, its worth finishing. Just stick with it. xo

  2. Keep at it, Li! Maybe get a second set of eyes on it? xo


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