Young and Unafraid

On Sunday night I saw the new Tom Hooper directed film adaptation of 'Les Miserables'. Feeling raw, I came out of the cinema into the darkness of the night. For the first time since being in Vancouver (and possibly ever) I was grateful for the gloom and rain, because the dramatic streak in me revelled in the pathetic fallacy. I did not trudge home as per usual, shivering and blinking away the rain. Instead I glided alone along the pavements that "shined like silver" and indulged in some self-examination.

Sporadically, there will be films I watch that touch me in unimaginable ways. That remind me of cinematic magic and the reasons I need to be an actor. I love writing and for the last year I've questioned whether I could be content doing just that. The answer is yes, that I could be content, but that I am never as ignited as I am when I am performing. That's what this film reminded me of. I have had experiences in theatre and performing where I have been blessed to be working with people who touch, inspire and push me to my limits. I watched Les Mis and felt such a plethora of emotions and that's not just because the filmmakers have done a splendid job of story-telling (and yes, there are flaws, as with anything, but I'm focused on the positive aspects). It was because I was exhilarated from this piece or art and simultaneously depressed for the fact that I'm not currently performing. That I'm stuck in visa-limbo, not moving forward. For me, not moving forward must inherently mean I'm moving backward. Because an instrument needs to be used, and I am my instrument. What am I doing with my training? Nothing, right now. That's the tragedy. For one thing, this inspired disappointment in myself, but it also invigorated me to keep pushing and pursuing the dream by any means necessary.

Say what you will about Anne Hathaway, but she was absolutely phenomenal in this film, if only merely for her performance of 'I Dreamed a Dream'. The director consistently utilised continuous-shot techniques, which is both one of the scariest and one of the most honoured mediums for an actor. For what seemed like the entire song, the camera did not stray from Anne's face and her control and timing was a thing of beauty. I wish I could post that clip, but it's not available, so instead I've posted the trailer soundtracked by her voice. 


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